Emerald Prime & Store Sale Report Tuesday 8th December 2022

Sale Report Numbers eased by almost 750 to see 1250 penned for the years final Emerald sale. With the exception of the odd run of cattle, today’s yarding mostly complied of the obligatory end of year tidy up. Values were generally softer that the last sale 2 weeks ago, but compared to the rest of the state, Emerald has held up well. In the prime section bullocks over 550kgs sold to 360c/kg, heavy heifers over 400kgs made to 407c/kg, heavy cows over 520kgs topped at 332c/kg, cows 450-520kgs made as much as 329c/kg, while bulls over 600kgs sold to 302c/kg. In the store section, heavy feeder steers 400-500kgs sold to 490c/kg, 350-400kg steers topped at 524c/kg, 280-350kg steers made as much as 650c/kg, weaner steers 200-280kgs sold to 666c/kg, while too few light steers under 200kgs to reliably quote. Trade feeder heifers 350-400kgs sold to 420c/kg, 280-350kg heifers topped at 506c/kg, weaner heifers 200-280kgs made as much as 506c/kg, while light heifers under 200kgs were too few to quote.

Sale Highlights:   The Flohr Family ‘Wotonga’ Moranbah sold Droughtmaster Cows to 328c/kg to weigh 611kg or $2006, The Randell Family ‘Crinum’ Tieri consigned Brahman Cows to 322c/kg and weighed 601kg to return $19838. Brad & Briony Comiskey ‘Barrinja’ Yamala sold Brangus Cows to 325c/kg to weigh 686kg and returned $2233. Laurie & Hastings Hawkins ‘Serpentine’ Willows sold Droughtmaster Cows to 321c/kg to weigh 624kg or $2004, while their steers made to 550c/kg and weighed 331kg or $1821. Bowie Grazing ‘Bowie Station’ Pentland sold a large draft of Brahman Heifers with them making to 440c/kg and weigh 205kg or $906.

Category Weight No. of Head Price Low Price High Ave
Bullocks - Heavy Over 550kg 19 300 360 340
Bullocks - Medium 500kg-550kg N/Q
Steers – Heavy Feeder 400kg -500kg 12 300 490 363
Steers – Trade Feeder 350kg-400kg 71 372 524 426
Steers – Light Trade 280kg – 350kg 125 254 650 492
Steers - Weaner 200kg-280kg 77 322 666 563
Steers – Light Under 200kg N/Q
Heifers - Heavy Over 400kg 45 321 407 361
Heifers - Feeder 350kg-400kg 57 310 420 355
Heifers - Medium 280kg –350kg 116 280 506 413
Heifers - Weaner 200kg – 280kg 312 240 506 402
Heifers – Light Under 200kg N/Q
Cows - Heavy Over 520kg 117 298 332 321
Cows - Medium 450kg-520kg 81 220 329 298
Bulls Over 600kg 34 250 302 268
Cows & Calves N/Q

Next Emerald Prime & Store Sale, Thursday 19th January 2023