Emerald Weaner & Feeder Sale Report Tuesday 7th June 2022

June Weaner & Feeder Sale, Tuesday 07/06/2022

Sale Report :With another successful June Weaner & Feeder Sale taking place and on the back of a good season shaping up for the winter months just under 4000 head were yarded at todays sale. All categories experienced strong competition from local and southern buyer influence. Heavy steers over 500kg topped at 456 cents, with steers 400-500kg reached 562 cents to average 517c/kg, 350-400kg steers made to 668c/kg to average 557 cents, while 280-350kg types making to 754c/kg to average 618 cents, steers 200-280kg topped at 888c/kg to average 728 cents. Heavy Heifers topped at 510 cents, while heifers 350-400kg made to 560c/kg to average 518 cents, 280-350kg heifers made to 638c/kg to average 517 cents, while heifers 200-280kg topped at 686 cents to average 593c/kg.

Sale Highlights:  Brad & Briony Comiskey ‘Barrinja’ Yamala sold Brangus Steers to 526c/kg to weigh 452kg or $2381, Noel & Dallas Daley ‘Wilford’ Willows sold Brahman Cross Steers to 500c/kg and weighed 422kg to return $2115. Mitch & Mckenzie Heumiller Gindie sold Charolais Cross Steers to 532c/kg to weigh 470kg & $2504, Trevor & Alison Hamblin ‘Doris Park’ Emerald sold Droughtmaster Steers to 698c/kg to weigh 296kg or $2073. The Garside Family ‘Coolibah’ Capella sold Droughtmaster Steers to 562c/kg to weigh 402kg to return $2265, The Burston Family ‘Broadlea’ Moranbah sold a line of Euro Cross Mickies with the best making to 680c/kg to weigh 287kg or $1953. The Ford Family ‘Forest Home’ Capella sold a draft of Simmental Cross Steers making to 792c/kg to weigh 262kg and returned $2078, Andrew & Marleene Slack ‘Mayview’ Emerald sold Droughtmaster Cross Steers to 742c/kg to weigh 264kg or $1959 while their heifers made to 652c/kg to weigh 252kg or $1643. The Siller Family ‘Monkana’ Capella sold Simmental Cross Heifers to 686c/kg to weigh 220kg and returned $1509, Dan Black ‘Nine Mile’ Sold Charolais Cross Heifers making to 638c/kg to weigh 290kg and returned $1850.