Emerald Prime & Store Sale Report Tuesday 6th October 2022

Sale Report Agents penned just over 2300 head to Emerald today, with over 900 prime cattle on offer and one of the largest number of bullocks seen at the sale for quite some time. The market trended to be firm to dearer for the prime & feeder cattle, while some of the background stock lost ground compared to last week's results.
In the prime section bullocks over 550kgs sold to 422c/kg to average 409c/kg, heavy steers 500-550kgs coming under slaughter & feeder competition reached 482c/kg to average 433c/kg, heavy heifers over 400kgs made to 488c/kg to average 410c/kg, heavy cows over 520kgs topped at 388c/kg to average 378c/kg, cows 450-520kgs made as much as 382c/kg to average 371c/kg, while bulls over 600kgs sold to 364c/kg. In the store section, heavy feeder steers 400-500kgs sold to 510c/kg to average 440c/kg, 350-400kg steers topped at 530c/kg to average 451c/kg, 280-350kg steers made as much as 709c/kg to average 583c/kg, weaner steers 200-280kgs sold to 709c/kg to average 534c/kg, while light steers under 200kgs sold to 662c/kg. Trade feeder heifers 350-400kgs sold to 526c/kg to average 437c/kg, 280-350kg heifers topped at 558c/kg to average 455c/kg, weaner heifers 200-280kgs made as much as 576c/kg to average 479c/kg, while light heifers under 200kgs sold to 566c/kg.
Sale Highlights:  The Wroe Family “Yandoon” Capella had their 616kg Braford cross bullocks to 420c/kg and $2589, while Scott & Kimberley Schoo “Mistake Creek” Capella had their 697kg Euro cross bullocks to 422c/kg and $2944. The Comiskey Family “Barrinja” Yamala offered 717kg Brangus bullocks to 414c/kg and $2971, while Andrew Chapman “Airlie” Emerald had 506kg Brahman cross bullocks to 403c/kg and $2037. The Flohr Family “Wotonga” Moranbah had their cows to 394c/kg for 584kgs and $2304, while Mike & Vicki Donovan “Coolibah” Capella had their 620kg Santa cross cows to 372c/kg and $2307. Rob & Kylie Cunningham “Myrtle Park” Comet offered 670kg Santa cows to 386c/kg and $2587, while The Anderson Family “Mossvale” Alpha had their 566kg Brahman cows to 383c/kg and $2170. The Pownall Family “Chasford” Clermont had their 344kg Droughtmaster cross steers to 600c/kg and $2066, while Stuart & Ray Donovan “Old Gordon” Capella offered 288kg Euro cross steers to 664c/kg and $1917. Kerry & Cathy Truloff “The Firs” Willows had their 261kg Charolais cross steers to 690c/kg and $1802, while their heifer mates reached 558c/kg for 258kgs and $1442.
Category Weight No. of Head Price Low Price High Ave Change
Bullocks - Heavy Over 550kg 296 280 422 410 +2
Bullocks - Medium 500kg-550kg 129 393 482 434 +8
Steers – Heavy Feeder 400kg -500kg 189 286 510 440 -9
Steers – Trade Feeder 350kg-400kg 60 350 530 452 -9
Steers – Light Trade 280kg – 350kg 213 206 709 583 +15
Steers - Weaner 200kg-280kg 161 420 709 534 -48
Steers – Light Under 200kg N/Q
Heifers - Heavy Over 400kg 46 386 488 410 -5
Heifers - Feeder 350kg-400kg 75 360 526 437 -10
Heifers - Medium 280kg –350kg 219 200 558 455 -30
Heifers - Weaner 200kg – 280kg 266 250 576 479 -20
Heifers – Light Under 200kg 38 380 566 502
Cows - Heavy Over 520kg 277 300 388 378 +9
Cows - Medium 450kg-520kg 123 300 382 371 +8
Bulls Over 600kg 69 270 364 349 +5
Cows & Calves N/Q