Emerald Prime & Store Sale Report Tuesday 11th August 2022

Sale Report Emerald Agents today yarded just over 1300 head at the weekly sale, a fair quality offering was on offer with a market that trended dearer than last week. Heavy bullocks over 550kg topped at 358 cents, while steers 500-550kg reached 416 cents to average 349 cents, steers 400-500kg topped at 420c/kg to average 348 cents, steers 350-400kg topped at 570c/kg to average 425 cents, while steers in the weaner weight ranges made to 570c/kg to average 485 cents. Heavy heifers made to 426c/kg to average 362 cents, heifers 350-400kg made to 424c/kg to average 374 cents, heifers 280-350kg made to 403c/kg to average 349 cents while heifers in the weaner weight ranges topped at 500c/kg to average 394 cents.

Sale Highlights:  Paul & Judy Wroe ‘Natal’ Middlemount sold Braford Bullocks to 355c/kg to weigh 639kg or $2270, The Barlow Family ‘Amaroo’ Comet sold Brangus Steers to 570c/kg and weighed 354kg to return $2020. The Cox Family ‘Mt Surprise’ Alpha sold Simmental Cross Heifers making to 426c/kg and weighed 412kg or $1758, The Schwarz Family ‘Juanita’ Fernless consigned Droughtmaster Cows to 340c/kg to weigh 559kg or $1902. The Sparrow Family ‘Tresillian’ Alpha sold a line of Droughtmaster Cows making to 337c/kg and weighed 548kg to return $1848,

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