Emerald Store & Prime Report Thursday 2nd June 2022

Store & Prime Sale – Thursday 02/06/2022

Sale Report: With the first of the mid-year special weaner and feeder sales commencing next Tuesday, numbers diluted to just 720 head at today’s Emerald sale. Predictably a much larger percentage of slaughter cattle in today’s offering with values fully firm for bullocks, cows easing from the very high rates of last sale and the store portion of the yarding, although mixed and limited in numbers, sold at rates a little either way of last weeks values. Bullocks over 550kgs sold to strong competition to peak at 447c/kg for the outstanding average of 439c, steers 500-550kgs reached 498c to average 446c/kg, steers in the 400-500kg weight range topped at 499c to average 478c, steers in the 280-350kg category making to 674c for a 530c average, while those in the weaner weight ranges peaked at 736.2 to average a little over 700c/kg. The best of the cows over 520kgs reached 338c for the still good average of 368c/kg, while cows 450-520kgs made to 374c for a 361c average. The best of the weaner heifers sold to 618c/kg.

Sale Highlights:  The Foot Family from “Pioneer” at Clermont sold a quality draft of 613kg, Droughtmaster bullocks to a top of 447c/kg to average 445c and $2,730. The Whitehead Family “Satellite” Springsure sold very heavy full mouth bullocks to a top of $3,320, their 616kg Droughtmaster cows making 383c/kg to return $2,363. The Hatte Family “Ramboda” Anakie had 520kg Droughtmaster X steers make 498c/kg and $2590, while Kerry and Cathy Trulloff’s 506kg Braham X cows sold strongly to 381c/kg and $1928. The Deboni Family “Boonal Downs” Capella had 515kg Braham X cows make 378c and $1,950. Colinta Holindings “Meteor Downs” Springsure sold a draft of 246kg average Charolis and Angus cross weaner steers for 726c/kg to $1,790, while The Davison Family “Mt Donald” Clermont had their usual top quality Charalay weaners, the 242kg steers making 716c/kg and $1,740, their 263kg heifer mates, 618c/kg to average $1,627.