Emerald Store & Prime Report Thursday 17th March 2022

Store & Prime Sale – Thursday 17th March 2022

Sale Report:   Numbers remained fairly similar to last week with 1900 penned at Emerald today. A fairly mixed quality offered had values swinging either side of prices last week, when in reality, it was a reasonably similar market to last Thursday. In the prime section bullocks over 550kgs sold to 454c/kg to average 431c/kg, heavy heifers over 400kgs coming under feeder & prime competition reached 524c/kg to average 447c/kg, heavy cows over 520kgs topped at 390c/kg to average 374c/kg, cows 450-520kgs made as much as 385c/kg to average 364c/kg, while bulls over 600kgs sold to 346c/kg. In the store section, heavy feeder steers 400-500kgs reached 522c/kg to average 484c/kg, trade feeder steers 350-400kgs sold to 606c/kg to average 541c/kg, 280-350kgs steers topped at 730c/kg to average 620c/kg, while weaner steers 200-280kgs made as much as 760c/kg to average 648c/kg. Trade feeder heifers 350-400kgs sold to 520c/kg to average 495c/kg, 280-350kg heifers topped at 634c/kg to average 543c/kg, weaner heifers 200-280kgs made as much as 668c/kg to average 590c/kg, while light heifers under 200kgs reached 688c/kg. A pen of Droughtmaster cross cows in forward condition, good quality with calves 2-3months old sold for $3900 per unit.

Sale Highlights:  The Sparrow Family “Tresillian” Alpha sold 550kgs Droughtmaster cross cows to 385c/kg and $2118, while their 211kgs weaner heifers made 624c/kg and $1321. The Bettinzoli Family “Macquarie Downs” Emerald sold 530kg Bazadais cows to 390c/kg and $2068, while Brad & Byrony Comiskey “Barrinja” Yamala had their 640kg Brangus cows to 385c/kg and $2465 and 502kg Brangus heifers to 437c/kg and $2195. The Russell Family “Consuelo” Rolleston sold 295kg Santa steers to 628c/kg and $1855, while the Curran Family “Bluegrass Plains” Capella offloaded 584kg Euro cross cows to 378c/kg and $2209. Meg Luke “East Top” Clermont sold 370kg Brangus cross steers to 568c/kg and $2102, while her heifer mates got to 538c/kg for 347kgs and $1867. Steve & Susan McLucas “Roper Valley” Middlemount had their 585kg Santa cows top at $2184, while Barry & Emma Sloan “Stanley Park” Anakie offloaded 490kg Droughtmaster heifers to a top of $2192. Barry & Vicki Gifford “Girraween” Capella had their 750kg Brangus cows to 384c/kg and $2881, while the Schwarz Family “Juanita” Fernlees sold 562kgs Santa cross bullocks to 454c/kg and $2554, their 613kg cows made 389c/kg and return $2442.