Emerald Prime & Store Sale Report Tuesday 15th September 2022

Sale Report Numbers increased almost 500 head to see 2500 penned at Emerald today. A much better-quality yarding of both prime & store cattle, which certainly was reflected in the increase in values, along with the general trend of a dearer cattle market across the state. Any softening in prices today was only due to the odd category with limited numbers and quality related.
In the prime section bullocks over 550kgs sold to 413c/kg to average 396c/kg, heavy steers 500-550kgs coming under slaughter & feeder competition reached 466c/kg to average 418c/kg, heavy heifers over 400kgs made to 496c/kg to average 398c/kg, heavy cows over 520kgs topped at 369c/kg to average 358c/kg, cows 450-520kgs made as much as 362c/kg to average 354c/kg, while bulls over 600kgs sold to 341c/kg. In the store section, heavy feeder steers 400-500kgs sold to 474c/kg to average 451c/kg, 350-400kg steers topped at 560c/kg to average 481c/kg, 280-350kg steers made as much as 602c/kg to average 501c/kg, weaner steers 200-280kgs sold to 705c/kg to average 368c/kg, while light steers under 200kgs sold to 705c/kg. Trade feeder heifers 350-400kgs sold to 526c/kg to average 423c/kg, 280-350kg heifers topped at 506c/kg to average 494c/kg, weaner heifers 200-280kgs made as much as 552c/kg to average 485c/kg, while light heifers under 200kgs sold to 519c/kg. A pen of Droughtmaster cross heifers, PTIC to Droughtmaster & Brangus Bulls, sold for $2175/unit.

Sale Highlights:  The Daniels Family “Stonybrook” Gindie had their 633kg Santa bullocks to 410c/kg make $2600, while the Flohr Family “Sudbury” Nebo offered a run of steers to make 381c/kg for 675kgs and $2753. Rob & Julie Crozier “Rydan” Rubyvale offered 604kg Brahman cows to 364c/kg and $2201, while the Kirby Family “Wonga” Willows had their 647kg Santa cross cows to 362c/kg and $2345. Bevan & Julie Beer, “Gordon Park” Capella offered 426kg Droughtmaster cross steers to 464c/kg and $1977, while Adrian Esmond “Cockatoo” Emerald had 264kg Brangus cross steers to 670c/kg and $1771. The Deboni Family “Boonal Downs” Capella had their 270kg Brangus steers to 668c/kg and $1804, while the Pownall Family “Chasford” Moranbah had their 235kg Droughtmaster cross steers to 668c/kg and $1570.

Category Weight No. of Head Price Low Price High Ave Change
Bullocks - Heavy Over 550kg 157 332 413 396 +14
Bullocks - Medium 500kg-550kg 70 326 466 418 +17
Steers – Heavy Feeder 400kg -500kg 287 320 474 452 +3
Steers – Trade Feeder 350kg-400kg 242 350 560 481 +17
Steers – Light Trade 280kg – 350kg 158 360 602 501 -19
Steers - Weaner 200kg-280kg 184 350 705 638 +22
Steers – Light Under 200kg 43 550 705 669 +42
Heifers - Heavy Over 400kg 126 360 496 398 +6
Heifers - Feeder 350kg-400kg 102 350 526 424 +13
Heifers - Medium 280kg –350kg 203 300 506 494 +39
Heifers - Weaner 200kg – 280kg 222 356 552 485 +32
Heifers – Light Under 200kg 101 400 519 512 -13
Cows - Heavy Over 520kg 128 314 369 358 +23
Cows - Medium 450kg-520kg 145 250 362 354 +9
Bulls Over 600kg 18 250 341 297 +5
Cows & Calves N/Q


Due to the “National Day of Mourning for Her Majesty the Queen” public holiday
on the 22nd of September Emerald Sale will be cancelled.

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