Emerald Prime & Store Sale Report Thursday 14th July 2022

Store & Prime Sale – Thursday 14/07/2022

Sale Report This week Emerald Agents had 1700 head on offer at the weekly sale, with approximately 5500 head booked for a special feeder and weaner sale this coming Tuesday, limited numbers of younger stock were on offer today. The market saw a decline in rates as much of the state has experienced this week, heavy bullocks over 550kg topped at 406c/kg, with 500-550kg made to 400c/kg to average 378 cents, steers 400-500kg topped at 480c/kg, while 350-400kg types made to 500c/kg to average 396 cents, while steers in the weaner weight rnages sold to 668c/kg to average 519 cents. Heavy heifers over 400kg topped at 420c/kg to average 362 cents, heifers 350-400kg topped at 464 cents, while heifers 280-350kg topped at 514c/kg to average 400 cents, while heifers in the weaner weight ranges reached 536c/kg to average 443 cents. Heavy cows topped at 358c/kg to average 326 cents, with cows 450-520kg reached 340c/kg to average 310 cents. No cows and calves were penned this week.

Sale Highlights: Phil & Donna Lewis ‘Hillview’ Anakie sold Brahman Cross Steers to 450c/kg to weigh 466kg & returned $2097, The Ford Family ‘Forest Home’ Capella sold Simmental Cross Steers making to 478c/kg and weighed 380kg or $1821. The Anderson Family ‘Brendan’s Pastoral’ Mossvale Alpha sold Brahman Steers to 400c/kg to weigh 384kg or $1536, Mark & Donna Kemp ‘Yungaba’ Capella consigned Charolais Cross Weaner Steers to 674c/kg to weigh 237kg or $1603. The Rowe Family ‘Buffel Park’ Moranbah offered a line of Brahman Cross Steers with the best making to 668c/kg to weigh 300kg to return $2004, The Mclucas Family ‘Roper Valley’ Middlemount sold Santa Cows making to 344c/kg to weigh 590kg or $2030. The Jansen Family ‘Riverview’ Alpha sold Brahman Cross Cows making to 349c/kg and weighed 652kg to return $2276, The Jeppesen Family ‘Olive Vale’ Comet sold Charbray Cows making to 358c/kg to weigh 666kg or $2387. The Prewett Family ‘Glendariwell’ Emerald sold Brangus Cows to 335c/kg to weigh 655kg or $2197, The Lansdowne Family ‘Southernwood’ Willows sold consigned a large draft of Euro and Brahman Cross Heifers with the best reaching 442c/kg to weigh 398kg or $1763.


Category Weight No. of Head Price Low Price High Ave
Bullocks - Heavy Over 550kg 73 280 406 360
Bullocks - Medium 500kg-550kg 98 298 400 378
Steers – Heavy Feeder 400kg -500kg 169 220 480 390
Steers – Trade Feeder 350kg-400kg 93 280 500 396
Steers – Light Trade 280kg – 350kg 161 300 668 519
Steers - Weaner 200kg-280kg 60 100 674 587
Steers – Light Under 200kg N/Q      
Heifers - Heavy Over 400kg 80 275 420 362
Heifers - Feeder 350kg-400kg 135 336 464 412
Heifers - Medium 280kg –350kg 238 150 514 400
Heifers - Weaner 200kg – 280kg 109 225 536 443
Heifers – Light Under 200kg N/Q      
Cows - Heavy Over 520kg 239 248 358 326
Cows - Medium 450kg-520kg 92 240 340 310
Bulls Over 600kg 18 180 274 259
Cows & Calves